Home security that helps you protect what really matters


Home security that helps you protect what really matters

The Best Door Security To Stop Burglars & Break-Ins

In 2008, we set out to blow away everyone’s expectation of a home security system. Today, we’re prouder than ever to be providing good people constant peace of mind.

Door Devil® Door Security

An estimated one million homes with alarms have their door kicked each year. With 70% of burglars entering through doors,  a kick-in attack is the #1 statistical home security threat to every homeowner.

The Door Devil® Door Security Kit is a simple, effective, and affordable door protection solution that closes the gap left by traditional home security systems.

Bureau of Justice Statistics,

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Customers tell their stories

“We were victims of a break-in last year and worried we’d be targeted again. We installed Door Devil kits on all of our doors and feel safer knowing we’re more protected than by alarms alone.”

Louise K., Springfield, MA

“Now that I have children I find myself taking every possible precaution. Door Devil’s products have helped us secure our home and gain valuable peace of mind.”
Arthur L., Colorado Springs, CO
“You never think it’ll happen to you, but it did and our security system didn’t stop them. We can’t replace what we lost, but with Door Devil installed we know it won’t happen again.”
Emma V., San Jose, CA

“With Door Devil installed on both doors, I finally feel safe in my own home again.”

- Maureen L., Austin, TX
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