Door Devil® will fit any standard constructed doorway. There is an est. 95% chance that your doorway is compatible with Door Devil®, but we strongly recommend confirming with our Fit Guide before purchase.

An (est.) 70% of burglars attack doors; not windows. Statistics show that only an estimated 30% of burglars break glass. Breaking glass is what they DON’T want to do.

Clearly, this depends who is attacking your home and how determined they are to get in. If someone is absolutely determined to get into your home, sadly, there is likely no reasonable degree of security that you can add to prevent their entry [claymores & razor wire are not considered reasonable options].

But, by eliminating the door as an easy access point, you leave them with options they don’t want to take. This 15 minute home security step significantly decreases your chances of becoming a victim.

Door Devil® will fit onto a doorway with sidelights. However, before installing the strike plate, you need to ensure that your glass sidelight panes are set back far enough to allow the 3.0” screws provided to seat without danger of penetrating the glass framing. If you feel it may be close, an option is to use shorter 2.0” (size #12) purchased separately from a hardware store to be safe.
How can a home security system which ignores the #1 statistical threat to its customers call itself “smart”? Furthermore, why do providers attempt to convince customers that the ability to remotely lock & unlock a deadbolt which could knowingly be defeated with a single strong kick is home security worth $29 per month? Before signing your next contract, choose a vendor which includes actual home security measures and does not attempt to upsell you with new technology simply to justify their recurring revenue model.

Is Door Devil® the new home security magic bullet?

Absolutely not. Such a thing does not exist. Reputable home security professionals will emphasize that security of any type should be thought of in layers, with each layer having its own purpose, strength, and weakness. Door Devil® adds a layer of physical defense which alarm & video cannot provide. Alarm and video provide a layer of deterrence and notification capability which Door Devil cannot provide. A complete home security system should include a mix of both defensive and deterrent layers.