How Door Devil® Protects Your Door

Why Protect Your Door?

Plain and simple – Both your door and door frame are made out of wood. The small metal hardware included standard with doors cannot withstands more than 200-300 pounds of force.

When someone attempts to break down your door, the deadbolt acts as a lever, causing intense stress to the wood of both door and frame until there is an inevitable split.

At this point, either your door, your frame – or both – will undergo permanent damage and the intruder will have access to your home.

How Does Door Devil® Work?

We spent the last decade perfecting our patented, 3-part Barricade+ Technology to deliver the ultimate fortified defense for your doors in a compact, discrete, and easy-to-install system.

1Striker Plate

Fortifies the weakest point of the doorway, preventing the doorframe from being blown out.

2Door Plate

Reinforces the deadbolt & door latch, preventing the door from splitting or spreading.

3Hinge Plate

Protects the primary door hinge, preventing the screws from being torn out.

* Installation hardware is included with purchase