Our Story

It started with a break-in.

The inspiration for Door Devil® dates back to May 2007 when I purchased the market’s leading anti-kick solution for our home when a group of burglars was feasting on our East Dallas neighborhood. They were attacking both homes with and without alarms. The only common factors were that they were kicking-in doors after homeowners left for work and were in, out, & gone in 10 minutes or less. 

The $100 anti- kick product that I purchased did not work and my family's home was burglarized.

Clearly, there was a need for a product which could defend homeowners from this type of attack, but no simple/effective product existed. 

Together with my father, Tom Fairless, we set out to develop a product which addressed the deficiencies of the products available on the market. The first Door Devil® was sold in 2008 and immediately impacted the door security landscape, causing many of the traditional cumbersome solutions to disappear overnight.

We didn't invent: we innovated.

Door Devil® hasn’t been the best-known solution in the last decade; but, we’ve consistently been the most innovative. 

Moreover, we realized that the lack of growth in the adoption of anti- kick products meant that all of the products (including Door Devil® 1.0) hadn’t yet provided the market with the right product mix. So, while competitors invested heavily in Amazon Ads, Door Devil® invested in mechanical engineering and independent testing laboratories in the quest to find the exact recipe of strength & simplicity that homeowners, locksmiths, and alarm providers could universally embrace.

We understood that the product had to be much smaller, simpler, and less expensive than any product shown to the market to date. While laser-focused on that goal, admittedly, we had our butt kicked by the competition in every possible business facet except the one which truly mattered: developing a viable long-term product. In 2019, we emerged with a product which had the combination of strength, simplicity, size, & affordability we wanted for ourselves and for our customers.

A decade of door security experience coupled with the 2019 innovations culminated in our Door Devil® DD13 series which:

  1. Can be installed in 10 minutes
  2. Has the smallest footprint; ergo, fits more doors than any other solution
  3. Includes adhesive tabs which allow it to be test fit before drilling any holes
  4. Defends like the larger more expensive door security solutions 
  5. Immediately Improves the walk- in appeal of the standard doorway

Making an impact

An estimated 1 million homes with alarms have their door kicked each year. The kick- in attack is the #1 statistical home security threat to every homeowner. We’re proud to have engineered a product that has finally made it easy and affordable for anyone to defend their property.

Our hope is that Door Devil® products give you the same peace of mind we once sought. Thank you for your visit and consideration, and if there is anything we can do to help, please get in touch. 

Nick Fairless

Nick Fairless

Owner & Founder, Door Devil®