Door Devil® Personal Defense Alarm - 2-Pack (GIFT)

Don’t leave your house unprotected!



Arm Yourself With Weaponized Sound

120 Decibels of sound, the equivalent of a rocket launch

Portable & Discrete

Easily fits in hand or pocket, comes with built-in keychain

Easy To Use & Reuse

Simply pull pin to activate, replace to reset. Battery can be replaced!
Your front door is the front line.

A defensive tool for all ages

Door Devil® Personal Defense Alarms are a small, but powerful defensive tool that can be used by all ages to alert others in times of need. 

Simple and effective

Packaged as a discrete keychain, our defense alarms emit 120dB of clear sound on removal of the activation pin. Designed to be infinitely reusable, the pin can be reinserted and the battery replaced as needed.

Features of Door Devil® Personal Defense Alarms

Simple operation

Remove the pin to activate the alarm. Replace to stop.

Reusable design

Replaceable batteries means our defense alarms can be used for life.

Small and discrete

Unassuming keychain design is easy to conceal.

Powerful sound

120dB alarm – the equivalent of a jet engine – deters attackers and signals for help.

Durable material

High-quality ABS shell is built to withstand daily travel and handling.

Door Devil® Personal Defense Alarms

Quantity2 per pack
Dimensions2.6in x 1.6in x 0.8in
Power supply23A 12V battery (incl.)
*Equipment may vary in appearance.