Will Door Devil® Fit My Door?

Door Devil® will fit any standard constructed doorway.

There is an est. 95% chance that your doorway meets these requirements:

Door Devil® fits into spaces others cannot

Our patent-pending smaller, thinner, stronger footprint was specifically engineered to save space and fit more doorways than any other door reinforcement solution.

Which doors will Door Devil® not  fit?

  1. French or double doors: Door Devil® will not fit.
  2. Odd lockset spacing: Older doors or homes may have the deadbolt installed more than 6″ apart from the striker bolt (door knob bolt); if this spacing is greater than 6″; then, Door Devil® will not fit.
  3. Door fits too tightly already: WITH THE DOOR CLOSED, if two (2) dimes will not slide freely between your door and the doorframe, Door Devil® will not fit.
  4. Copper/brass weather stripping: If you have the old copper/brass weather stripping, Door Devil WILL FIT, but a 13″ section of the copper stripping must first be removed to allow the Door Devil® plate to set flush onto the doorframe.